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Meet our Founder
Community fridge founder Taylor posing in front of Venable street fridge
There was a time in my life where I just knew my calling was to help solve crime investigations, but once I graduated college and started looking for my first "big girl" job, I kept having my heart swayed to want to maybe work in nonprofit work, and really be the person on the ground helping people meet their needs. Fast forward to 2020, and here I am trying to set up a community fridge, during a pandemic, and the only thing people kept saying was, "are there more of these?" "Can there be more?" "I'm so thankful this is here." And it was in these moments that I realized putting up the community fridges was bigger than what I could ever imagine, it was quickly becoming a vital part of the community, and my dream to be able to help others and be there for people as best as I can was already in action. That's why I do what I do, because I have the opportunity to. - Taylor Scott
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Meet the admin team! We are your neighbors, coworkers, and friends, and are members of the very same community that we support. Wanna help out? Join our Volunteer Discord!


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